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Adventure, Drama, Mystery

IMDb Rating

91 min


Adrien Brody, Caroline Dhavernas, Ryan Robbins, Adrian G. Griffiths

Michael Greenspan

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Man wakes up in a car crash in a ravine and no longer remember anything. His leg is stuck and help isn't on the way. He spends a couple of nights and days alone in the car in which he sees a man on the hill watching him from afar. Eventually he gets out of the car but his leg is severely wounded. He places a splint on his leg and looks around the car he finds a mobile phone - no service and in the boot he finds a duffel bag full of money. He attempts to climb up the hill to freedom. When he is away from the car a man comes and takes the money from the boot our main character calls for help but is rewarded with thief raising his pistol to the man and leaving.

The man from the car crash now goes back through the forest to try and escape. In his journey he befriends a dog, at night by the fire he tells the dog about how he used to have a dog called duke when he mentions the name duke the dog immediately turns his head and looks at the man. Through his travels there is a girl watching but she is not in the forest only in his memory after getting swept away trying to cross a river the whole time keeping the mobile phone dry he finds himself back on land and continues trying to get out of the forest. He is back at the car crash. The girl is there and he gets in a fight with her.

He shoots her through the head and realises that she was never really there. He begins to have flashbacks of a bank robbery. He starts to climb up the mountain with the dog following him. He gets to the top and finds a road overjoyed he pulls himself to the top of the hill and rests. He recalls that he was, in-fact, held hostage in the bank robbery and that the girl he has been imagining is his girlfriend. He calls for help as his phone now has reception a sheriff is there to pick him up quickly. He asks the sherif to take the dog with them - the sherif simply replies, "there's no dog.

" As the man buckles up in the sheriff car he remembers that as the bank robbers car drove along the mountain rode with him as hostage he buckled his seatbelt and grabbed the wheel - running them off the road and crashing the car..

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