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Crime, Drama, Mystery

IMDb Rating

95 min

2004 Video

Susan Ward, Katie Stuart, Leila Arcieri, Dorit Wolf

Jack Perez

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17-year-old Brittany Havers (Susan Ward), a well-to-do school-girl living in Blue Bay, Florida, is soon to inherit the fortune as her stepfather Niles Dunlap (Anthony John Denison) had accidentally died in a crash of a light plane. Her classmate Maya (Leila Arcieri) suddenly claims that she is an illegitimate daughter of Brittany's stepfather being a child of an extramarital affair when her mother was charmed by Niles Dunlap. She is asked to get a DNA test and the DNA test shows she is the daughter. Brittany is heading to the wine room suddenly she hears a noise in the corner and goes to see what it is and only turns out to be just rats. But Maya is there too and they make out and the doctor who did the DNA joins them. All three are in cahoots for Brittany to inherit her money in return for a cut of it. Terrence Bridge, an insurance investigator, considers both girls as criminals, correctly thinking they are trying to steal Dunlap's money.

Bridge relays his suspicions to the skeptic Detective Michael Morris (Linden Ashby), who thinks that Bridge has just an overactive imagination. Bridge investigates that it is all a crime therefore he asks them for the half money or he will tell the cops. Brittany says she will not give up the money therefore she gets a gun to kill Bridge but instead she kills Maya. She tells him that he has to earn it.

They are at a traffic light and she gets out of the car. She had just set him up and Bridge goes to jail for Maya's murder... unable to prove his innocence. Later, Brittany runs away with her very much alive stepfather Niles, who had faked his death to claim his own life insurance money. But Brittany kills him too by pushing him out of a plane to the South Pacific without a parachute. She is in the water after jumping out of the plane and parachuting into the ocean where her mother is waiting for her.

After the loose ends are shown, Brittany and her mother (both of whom orchestrated this whole thing to steal Niles multi-million dollar wealth) are shown sitting in the sun somewhere on an exotic island. Brittney comes down the stairs of their villa overlooking the ocean holding two drinks and hands one to her mother. Her mother takes a drink as Brittney looks at her with a gleam in her eyes. The mother tells her it's strong and Brittney says "They do make them strong here, don't they?" with a devilish grin on her face as the end credits finish. Note: It is strongly implied that Brittany just poisoned her own mother in order to keep all the money for herself, but it was never substantiated..

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