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IMDb Rating

112 min


Ken Wahl, Karen Allen, John Friedrich, Toni Kalem

Philip Kaufman

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The Wonderers... "The Gang" to be in if your an italian.

Sex, Alcohol and Fighting is all part of life as a Wonderer. As more and more big gangs form we see wonderers crumble and a lot of close calls! When Joey's big mouth attracts the attention of The Baldies, who shave their heads bald so "There hair does'nt get in their way when they fight!". One of the best chase scenes ever comences and The Baldies (Over 50 men strong) find themselves just inches away from crushing two lone Wonderers. When cornered and out numbered all seems to be hopeless when a monster of a man interupts... "Leave the kid alone!" Perry, who stands 6'5" tall and has biscepts that could crush even the Hulks Skull, Joins the wanderers and is seen as one of the main characters. More agression can be seen later in the film as the Wonderers clash with different gangs and a race war comences.

Towards the end of the movie a choice is given to the Wonderers and all nabouring gangs... Unite as one and fight"The Ducky Boys", (A Real Life Gang At That Time Period, Seen as Killers) Or continue to fight between each other.

A decision must be made before it's too late... Run or Stand Ground. With some brilliant music, nail biting scenes, edge of your seat excitement and true comedy moments The Wanderers is the Gang to be in. Don't Miss The Wonderers Singing Stranger Girl..

. A Legend Moment..