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Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating

86 min


Julius LeFlore, RCB, Roddy Piper, William Smith

:Donald G. Jackson, R.J. Kizer

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This movie premise is that the world was destroyed in a nuclear war many years ago. Now the human race has been almost wiped out and common frogs have mutated into intelligent, bipedal creatures. The human race has been sterilized by the war radiation, and human women outnumber men. Fertile women are a very rare, but fertile men are even rarer. Roddy Piper is an opportunist drifter. This Roddy 'Sam Hell' Piper has apparently left a string of pregnancies behind him. After being captured, he's taken to the evil 'Med-tech' labs where the female staff then forces him into servicing female candidates.

Either, he signs a contract to "work" for them fertilizing women, or he has to go back and face the wrath of the evil frogs beings. The Med-tech women put a steel jock strap on him to protect their property. The strap front plate says, "Property of Provisional Government". But, the evil frog people beings have raided a border town and stolen many rare fertile women.

It's up to Sam Hell and two Med-tech staff women to get them out of 'Frogtown' and be fertilized for humanity sake..

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