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James Rolfe, Kyle Justin, Mike Matei, Kevin Finn

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An angry gamer brutally critiques retro video games that are bad and/or frustrating. He uses explicit language to emphasize his irritation and describes in great detail vile and/or painful acts that he would rather perform than play the game(s) he is reviewing. Sometimes, guest characters (such as Bugs Bunny and the Cowardly Lion) will harass him while he is conducting his review. Other times, guest characters (such as Spiderman and Super Mecha Death Christ) will help the Nerd. If a video game, game console, or game accessory is especially bad, the Nerd will give it "the Nerd seal of disapproval" by defecating on it. A Guitar Guy who lives behind the Nerd's couch occasionally aids the Nerd in his endeavors.

A Glitch Gremlin sometimes disrupts the Nerd's gaming sessions by giving his games glitches. Companies that develop and/or publish substandard video games rip you off and don't care one bit, but this Nerd doesn't forget it. He holds them accountable for their crimes against the gaming community..

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