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Action, Adventure, Game-Show

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Phil Keoghan, Jet McCoy, Cord McCoy, Herbert 'Flight Time' Lang

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Open with teams learning they are next headed to Vienna, Austria where they will get their next clue in a car. Teams go immediately to local travel agencies. Flight Time & Big Easy and Zev & Justin get a connecting flight that arrives at 5:35am the next morning. Kisha & Jen are on the same flight, as are Gary & Mallory. Jet & Cord take a direct flight in order to avoid the possibility of a delay, but will arrive at 6am. Kent & Vyxsin bicker while booking the connector set to arrive in Austria at 5:35. The first five teams arrive on time in Vienna and sprint to the cars.

In the car a video of Phil tells them that the winners of this leg will receive two new cars. Teams are instructed to put the car into reverse and use their reverse camera to find the next clue. Written on the ground behind them are the words "Schloss Schallaburg," which is the name of a castle where they will find their next clue. Gary & Mallory seem to be struggling to find the words and lose time before they finally figure it out. Jet & Cord arrive at their car in last place.

Zev & Justin, Kent & Vyxsin and Kisha & Jen all get directions to the castle at a gas station. The Globetrotters and Gary & Mallory also get directions from locals. Jet & Cord do the same. Zev & Justin are first to reach the castle. Inside they are given a book with the name of a Viennese library. They depart as several other teams arrive.

Kent & Vyxsin are in second, close to Kisha & Jen, with the Gloebtrotters and Gary & Mallory in fourth and fifth. Jet & Cord reach the castle, still in last. Zev & Justin reach the library first and read about this week's Detour: Long Hard Walk or Quick and Easy Meal. In Walk teams must take an analyst's couch from Sigmund Freud office to a nearby university where he lectured. In Meal they go to a ferris wheel and grab two traditional Austrian meals which they must eat in one 12 minute rotation of the wheel. Zev & Justin pick Meal, as do Kisha & Jen. After a few minutes other teams begin to arrive.

Gary & Mallory pick Meal. The Globetrotters and Kent & Vyxsin pick Walk. Kisha & Jen get to the ferris wheel first and begin to eat the huge (and primarily fried) plate of food. Zev & Justin are just behind them. Both of the eating teams are struggling at the halfway point. Kisha & Jen just miss finishing in time and head for the other leg of the Detour. Gary & Mallory get to the ferris wheel. Zev & Justin also fail the Detour and head for the other half.

Gary & Mallory start their trip. Flight Time & Big Easy grab their couch and head for the University of Vienna. Kent & Vyxsin are a few minutes behind them, with Kisha & Jen a few minutes behind them. With four minutes left Gary & Mallory don't seem all that close to being finished.

Jet & Cord finally reach the museum and select Walk. Gary finishes his plate but Mallory can't clean hers. They head for the other Detour. The couch is proving at tough challenge for most of the teams. Jet & Cord see Zev & Justin on their way into the museum, meaning Gary & Mallory are now in last. Flight Time & Big Easy reach the university first and get the next clue: Teams must now drive themselves to Salzburg and find a specific restaurant. Gary & Mallory finally get their couch and start carrying. Kent & Vyxsin finish the Detour in second.

Kisha & Jen are just behind them in third. After a decent gap Jet & Cord reach the university in fourth. Zev & Justin got bad advice and unnecessarily carried the couch to the third floor. They are well back of the cowboys in fifth. Gary & Malllory finish the Detour in last place. Zev & Justin pass the cowboys on the highway. Kent & Vyxsin are fighting over directions. The Globetrotters get the next clue first and read about the Road Block.

One team members must dress in a chimney sweep's uniform. They climb to the top of a building, clean a chimney, then climb down to the bottom and open a clean out door to get their next clue. Big Easy is chosen. Big Easy completes the Road Block just as Zev & Justin arrive and pick Zev to take on the challenge. The Globetrotters read that teams will now head to this week's Pit Stop, the actual home of the Von Trap family featured in The Sound of Music. Kisha & Jen get to the Road Block just ahead of Kent & Vyxsin.

Kishsa and Vyxsin are chosen. Zev finishes his cleaning as Kisha and Vyxsin get to the roof. Zev & Justin leave after getting some directions from locals. Flight Time & Big Easy stop and ask a cab driver for directions. Kisha and Vyxsin complete the Road Block together and head out in third and fourth.

Jet & Cord get to the Road Block clue and Jet volunteers. The Globetrotters appear to have trouble with directions and are caught on the road by Zev & Justin, who reach Phil in first and win the cars. Flight Time & Big Easy are somewhat disappointed to reach Phil in second. Jet finishes his Road Block just as Gary & Mallory arrive. Gary volunteers and the cowboys leave. Kisha & Jen are having direction issues. Kent & Vyxsin reach Phil in third, their best finish this season.

The cowboys catch up with Kisha & Jen on the road. Kisha & Jen are fourth and Jet & Cord end up fifth. Later we see Gary & Mallory arrive in sixth. But Phil tells them this week was a non-elimination leg and they are still alive..

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