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Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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43 min


Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington

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Story is post nuclear, according to the narrator, the character Clark. There are 12 stations combined; now only the Ark is left: cobbled together from the original twelve. "One from many". Another hundred years, four more generations.

Prisoners are kept if they are under eighteen year old. They are incarcerated in a "skybox", every offense for adults equals death. Our narrator, Clark, is apparently in for a watch or the watch was her father's watch and she is in because of something he did, perhaps. One hundred kids are about to be sent to the ground. Clark sees her mother and then she gets darted in the back. There is one small ship going down to earth. It turns out the guy sitting next to Clark is named Wells and he got himself arrested on purpose. Second chance speech is given by Well's dad on a recording.

'You are the ones we send on this desperate mission for your crimes' is something he rambles on about in his speech which seemed to be going on in the background. There is a place called Mt weather that can sustain 300 people for two years. The parachutes deploy. Back on station: "We have lost contact" Back on ship "your father/my father OMG the ship is a hundred years old. " "listen no machine hum" One guy is dead already from the crash and for getting out of his seat. Something about following the knife guy; who might have altered the course somehow. "The air could be toxic" Clark says when they go to open the door now that they are on the ground. This guy borrowed a guard's uniform and he is Tabia Blake's brother in a guard's uniform.

Tabia Blake steps out first. 'I'm Radioactive' plays and everyone cheers and rushes out. Clark looks at a map and talks to some guy (with a knife) who calls her "princess" relentlessly. "do you se that peak over there: mt weather. Radioactive forest.

You dropped us on the wrong damn mountain. " She says to him. Station: 'communications are down but the wrist bands are recording'. "two dead kids, dark tiles" It seems there might have been fatalities from landing, lots of concern about radiation. Back on Earth: Tabia and Clark argue about who is in charge and a twenty mile trek. "Chancelor" and "privileged" are mentioned by some guys. Wells and some guys start fighting. Wells has one leg? Spacewalker breaks it up.

Tabia needs to have fun, Bell, right? Bell needs his sister's trust because they are going to kill him when they come down. Spacewalker is the second guy 'dead' but only because he tried to take his wrist band off. Clark lectures him about it. Dr. Griffin goes to the OR for the Chancelor who has been shot. She needs O-NEG type and inordinate amounts of medical supplies and drugs to save the gunshot victim. Five people trek out to the Mt.

Weather talking about poison sumac conversation. Someone stole herbs from the garden. They see a mutant deer. The OR scene used up too much blood and anethesia, breaking the law. "Keep us notified for news. " "Bellany Blake did it (shot the Chancelor) for Octavia Blake. " "All of this only buys us another month. " "Start killing hundreds of innocent people.

" "First son first to dye" Bellany lectures the guys with the knife that were harassing Wells. "You are helping them by wearing those bracelets. Take em off so the ark doesn't follow. " Station: Murphy and Imbeggy are both named John and whom are dead (took off their bracelets). "It isn't radiation cuz they would all be dead and it would be 'bang' they are dead. " Forest trekkers: Clark tells them three months or four cuz the ark is dying. "Floated your old man the engineer against the council or else he would go public with the information that the Ark is dying.

" Spacewalker. "we have to warn them, clark thats is what my father said" Octavia undresses and jumps into a river to swim. Boy sees ripples. Octavia caught by some snakelike thing and dragged under.

Octavia escapes and her friends help her out of the water. Night and everyone is removing their bracelets near a fire and cheering. Wells confronts Bells about it. Bells is taking over and Wells is argueing about it. They start chanting "whatever the hell we want" after bells says it. Then a thunderstorm breaks and everyone cheers some more.

Back on the Ark: Griffin is arrested for using too much medicine. Cain is temporary chancelor and sentences her to death the next morning. Griffin is locked up in her daughter's cell and sees the artwork. Clark wakes up the forest is glowing she walks off to (its very avatar) Spacewalker comes up says "pretty cool huh" and gives her a sip from a leaf and she follows him to see a weird track of something on two feet he guesses "monkeys". Station: Cain is confronted by one of his officers about his starting his killing spree. She says "please show mercy if not for Abby (Griffin) for me. " Bells wakes up Wells with a gun in his face and marches him off and tells him "I need them to think you are dead" and interrrogtes him about his dad (the Chancellor).

Wells gets jumped and they cut off his wristband by force. Station Griffin stares out a window and then it is time. The officer who is her friend and tried to convince Cain says goodbye and they put her in an airlock and she tells Jackson to reverse engineer the wristband and to talk to Sinclair an engineer (like her executed husband). Suddenly Chancellor Wells shows up and pardons her. The Hundred are listening to 'under a pale blue sky' and Fin Spacewalker almost swings out on a vine passes the vine to the other guy who says "see you on the other side" he dances around and cheers.

Guy on other side picks up a sign and holds it up and gets a spear in his chest and dies. Clarks says "we're not alone" We see previews including images of masked mutants in the trees, more ships come down, iridescent butterflies and plenty of interesting plot twists in next week's episode..

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