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Drama, Sport

IMDb Rating

131 min


Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Anthony Mackie, David Strathairn


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The movie begins on a serious note with tragedy interspersed with sport. A plane crash kills players,coaches and fans of the Marshall University Football team. The entire town is devastated. The board decides to put an end to the program before Nate, a player (who was not on the flight), intervenes for the inevitable not to happen.

He finds support in the entire town and also Prez Donald who goes all out to initiate something. After much hard work, he finds a coach, Jack, an all out family man who readies to take the reigns to show support. Jack persuades Red (Assnt Coach) to join him. Together they recruit coaches and embark on a journey to recruit players. All their efforts go in vain.

That is when Jack pushes Prez for an exception to the association to have freshmen play in their team. This petition is approved and things look bright. Recruitments and practice go on and a team is readied. But, winning isn't easy.

Marshall loses their first game and the town loses faith. Emotions erupt, but Jack stays calm. The rest is for you to watch.....

. no spoilers here.....



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