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Poster Poison Ivy: The Secret Society

Drama, Thriller

IMDb Rating

95 min

2008 TV Movie

Miriam McDonald, Shawna Waldron, Ryan Kennedy, Crystal Lowe

Jason Hreno

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Danielle "Daisy" Brookes is an orphan who leaves her ranch and her boyfriend to pursue her school degree. She is "tapped" by the Ivy Society because the leader of the Ivy Society wants an internship that Daisy is in line for. Later she finds out that they have a killing history that was covered up by the dean, who is also an Ivy. The girls attempt to make Daisy one of them fully, but they fail. She then teams up with the dean's son Blake, to take down the Ivies once and for all. She finally takes them down by taping the leader (Azalea) admitting to her murderous behavior and her attempt to set up Daisy. A fight ensues in the pool, where Daisy pretends to drown and then overpowers Azalea once Azalea thinks she has won.