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Adventure, Comedy, Family

IMDb Rating

80 min


Dana Carvey, Jennifer Esposito, Harold Gould, James Brolin

Perry Andelin Blake

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Pistachio Disguisey is the simple-minded son of the Disguisey Italian family. Pistachio's father and mother are kidnapped by his father's arch enemy, Devlin Bowman. Pistachio's grandfather shows up and tells Pistachio that he, his father, and grandfather are all masters of disguise. After a lot of hard work, Pistachio masters the art of disguise. He hires an assistant and she helps him uncover Bowman's plot, stealing priceless artifacts from around the world, ( Liberty Bell, The Declaration of Independence). Pistachio goes to Bowman's mansion just as Bowman is about to superglue a mask of his face onto Pistachio's father, so he will go to jail as Bowman escapes. Pistachio foils his plot and wins over his assistant's heart.

Pistachio, his parents, grandparents, wife and stepson live happily ever after..

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