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Documentary, Action, Comedy

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92 min


Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Bam Margera

Jeff Tremaine

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Jackass Number Two is a compilation of various stunts, pranks and skits, and essentially has no plot. The film opens with an introduction of the nine cast members while they're being chased by bulls in a neighborhood. One by one, the cast members are taken down by the stampede, until only Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera are left, and are chased through a house. Bam jumps through a window, and Johnny stops in his tracks to deliver his signature line, "Hi, I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass!", and is pushed through a window by several bulls, and the title comes to screen, "Jackass Number Two". Leading up to the production number at the end, the following sequences and scenes are performed. 1.

Puppet Show: Knoxville puts on a puppet show using a snake and Chris Pontius' penis. 2. The Valentine: A construction paper heart with a note on it is hung in a hotel room hallway, with smaller and smaller letters as the note continues. 3.

Firehose Rodeo: Dave England rides an out of control fire hose. 4. Chubby Chaser India: Preston Lacy chases Wee Man through the streets of an Indian town and deals with a bunch of little problems. 5. Bicentennial BMXing: Knoxville and Ryan Dunn attempt to perform stunts on 18th century style high-wheeled bicycles. 6. The Strongman: Bam sits on top of a strength tester machine while Pontius sends a golden dildo rocketing towards his rear. (The original scene was supposed to feature Bam sitting on top of the machine while the weight would come up and hit him in his testicles, but Bam convinced them to use the dildo instead; the dildo scene was redone with Bam getting hit in his crotch, but failed to make the final cut.

)7. Gloria: Spike Jonze plays a 90-year old prostitute named Gloria who loses her top out on the street. 8. The Mini-Loop: Danger Ehren McGhehey and Thor Drake try to ride a miniature motorbike through a wooden loop. 9.

The Brand: Dunn brands Bam with a penis-shaped branding iron. 10. Lake Jump: The guys, along with paralyzed rugby star Mark Zupan and pro BMX rider Mat Hoffman, use rocket-propelled vehicles to try and jump a lake. 11.

The Fish Hook: Pontius fishes for sharks in the Gulf of Mexico using Steve-O as his bait. 12. Bam Velcro Truck: Bam tries to stick himself to a truck while wearing a velcro suit. 13.

The Electric Stool: Professional card thrower Jim Karol and Steve-O trick Wee Man into thinking he's getting cards thrown into his rectum while he sits bare-assed on an electrically-rigged chair. 14. Yak Charge: Knoxville is gored by a yak. 15. The Bungee Jump: Wee Man bungee jumps off a bridge in Miami using Preston as his support weight. 16. Bad Grandpa: Knoxville dresses up as an old man named Irving Zisman, who gives a kid cigarettes and booze. 17.

Indoor Ski Slope: April and Phil Margera's hallway stairs are turned into a ski slope by the guys. 18. Beehive Limo: Knoxville and Bam trick Wee Man, Dave, Steve-O, Dunn, and cameraman Rick Kosick by hiring a limo to come to a fake photo shoot. Once the limo arrives Bam pours a garbage bag full of bees through the sun roof on the guys, who are locked in the limo because the child safety locks were activated. Dave pees himself. 19.

Rake Jump: Steve-O jumps on a rake for no apparent reason. 20. Dave Eats Shit: The Three 6 Mafia pays Dave $200 to eat horse feces. (An additional scene sees Bam offered $1,000 to eat a larger piece of fecal matter. )21.

Naked Wee Man: Wee Man walks through a production meeting in the buff. 22. Riot Control Test: Knoxville returns to ALS Technologies and convinces Bam and Dunn to join him as test subjects for a Stingmore mine. 23. Gloria and the Artist: Gloria tries to buy a painting from a streetcorner art salesman, but can't keep her saggy breasts from popping out.

24. Medicine Ball Dodgeball: The guys play a game of dodgeball in the dark using medicine balls. 25. Mushroom Launch: Dunn is about to ride his shopping cart out of a loading dock and into a dumpster, but Bam has other ideas. 26. The Magic Trick: John Waters makes Wee Man disappear.

27. The Gauntlet: Mat Hoffman, Tony Hawk, and the guys try to negotiate a skate park ramp while dodging swinging sandbags. 28. Tiny Toilet: Dave takes a dump in a dollhouse-sized bathroom. 29. Toro Totter: Knoxville, Bam, Pontius, and Dunn ride a teeter-totter while a bull charges.

30. Keep God out of California: Pontius dresses as the devil and shoots out from below the ground to protest God. 31. Butt Chug: Steve-O shotguns a beer in his anus. 32.

Bam Roof Slam: Bam hurts himself skateboarding off a roof. 33. Rocket Cart: Dunn tries to jump the lake in his cart, which is now rocket propelled. 34.

Anaconda Ball Pit: Knoxville, Dunn, and Wee Man try to fish an anaconda out of a children's ball pit. 35. Bam Drop In: Bam drops in and hits the camera. 36.

The Ice Horse: Knoxville and CKY's Brandon DiCammillo dare Dunn to sit on a horse-shaped ice sculpture with his scrotum hanging out. 37. The Swamp Chute: Wee Man is thrown across a swamp by high powered fans while attempting to achieve flight. 38. How to Milk a Horse: A segment originally show for the TV show "Wildboyz", with Knoxville, Steve-O, and Pontius obtaining a sperm sample from a studded horse. 39. Karate Chop: Dunn holds wooden boards while Pontius and Bam "try" to break them.

40. The Big Tire Race: Danger Ehren and Dave race each other down a hill while riding inside monster truck tires. 41. The Leech Healer: The boys find a leech healer in India and Dave and Steve-O need healing. (Note: Dave's scene is only available in the unrated DVD version as the scene involves the leech biting one of his testicles. )42.

Gloria Goes Shopping: Gloria again has trouble keeping her breasts in her top, this time while shopping for fruit. 43. The Wind Tunnel: Bam hangs from the edge of a horse trailer while high-powered fans blow directly in front of him. After he falls, Pontius locks him in the back of the trailer with a devenomized king cobra. 44. Roller Leapfrog: Costumed mascots try to play leapfrog in a roller rink. 45. The Fart Mask: Preston farts and defecates into a beer helmet worn by Steve-O.

46. Big Green Ball: Dave jumps off a roof while riding a bouncing ball. 47. The Poof: Irving farts baby powder into Jeff Tremaine's face. 48. Old Man Balls: Irving walks the streets of Los Angeles while his testicles hang out of his shorts. 49. The Switcheroo: Phil and Preston trade places in the middle of the night to try and fool April.

50. Ding Dong: Dave visits Knoxville's house, gets hit by a giant airbag when he rings the doorbell, and is knocked senseless. (An extended version of this exists as a deleted scene on the DVD, with several other crew members meeting the airbag. )51. Big Red Rocket: Knoxville rides a red rocket over the lake. 52. Terror Taxi: The guys play a prank on Danger Ehren, who they dress up as a suicide bomber. A gun-toting Jay Chandrasekhar helps and many of the guys make special contributions to the costume.

53. The Bear Trap: Knoxville puts his arm in a bear trap. The movie finishes with a Busby Berkeley-style movie musical production number set to the La Cage aux Folles song "The Best Of Times", where the cast sing and dance while getting battered by violent stunts. One stunt involves Wee Man and Preston Lacy sliding onto a bunch of metal trash cans. Others involve Chris Pontius dancing in a flaming building and jumping safely onto a mat, at which point he is knocked off his feet by a fire hose, and Bam and Dunn dancing in cowboy outfits in front of a horse before Knoxville causes the horse to flee by slapping its rear, pulling Bam and Dunn away by a rope attached to their feet. As in the first film, Rip Taylor is seen at the end of the sequence. On the unrated DVD, several additional segments (both unrated and deleted) were shot and included. These include:-Bam Disclaimer: Bam warns viewers of what they're about to see, especially scenes where the guys "get gay".

-The Ball Bookmark: Wee Man convinces one of the crew members to stick one of his testicles into an open book and then slams the book closed. -Wee Man and Bam Elevator Ride: Wee Man and Bam ride an elevator naked. -Penis Tricks: While in India the guys meet a man who does crazy things with his penis. -Preston Middle Butt: Preston shows the camera his rear end while swimming, and it looks like he has an additional pair of buttocks.

-Trash Can Pyramid: Steve-O is launched from a child's swing into a pyramid made of plastic garbage cans. -The Ding Dong: The full "Ding Dong" sequence. -Alaskan Wolf Trap: Jim Karol shows off some of his animal traps to the guys and Bam sticks his arm in an Alaskan wolf trap. -Cow Udder: Preston dresses up like a cow and feeds two baby animals with his udder. -Dildo Tricks 1 & 2: Knoxville sticks a dildo to a wall and a table.

-The Shock Phone: Knoxville obtains a World War II military field phone, which Pontius uses to give the guys (along with musician Loomis Fall and actor Luke Wilson) electric shocks. - Wee Horse: Wee Man shows us his "wee horse". -Stun Gun Hot Potato: The guys and Willie Garson play a game of hot potato with a taser. -Trash Can Cymbals: Knoxville annoys everyone with two trash can lids he uses like cymbals. -Poo Piling: Steve-O gets feces dumped on him. -Me Tattoo: Steve-O gets a tattoo of a pentagram with a penis on the bottom. -Homemade Hang Glider: Steve-O makes a hang glider and tries to use it to fly.

-Lobster Claw: A lobster pinches Steve-O's tongue in its claws. -Poo Mountain: Steve-O and CKY Crew member Brandon Novak ski down a mountain of poo. -Wiener Kite: Wee Man flies a kite with the string tied to his penis. -Ugly American: Knoxville annoys Indian citizens. -The Snowcase: the full version of "Indoor Ski Slope", which ends with April Margera and Knoxville riding a plastic toboggan down the stairs.

-Bellhop Cart/Flying 69: John Waters puts Steve-O and Pontius to work as bellhops, and their first assignment is to ride a luggage cart down a flight of stairs. Pontius and Steve-O then perform an act simulating oral sex..

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