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Documentary, Music

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90 min


Kenny Aronoff, Phil Buckman, Phil Chen, Alice Cooper

Fran Strine

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We've all heard them perform at concerts and on countless recordings. Millions have watched and listened to them play the music of the famous stars who hire them. They are the First Call, A-list musicians, the go-to players standing in the shadows of our favorite stars on stage and backing them up in the studio. They are an indispensable part of every performance but who are they really? What makes them tick? Why do some succeed while others fail? Why are some in demand while others are left for dead in the wreckage of a failed career? This is the story of the talented musicians who stand next to the spotlight; sometimes by choice and sometimes out of necessity. Hired Gun is a compelling film about the dynamic personalities and creative genius of the best session players and back up musicians in the world. Collectively, they are a group that possess uncommon musical ability and an uncanny knack for being able to deliver a great performance time and again. Most of them make a living playing, singing, and songwriting in relative obscurity.

Individually, they are a diverse lot with vastly different backgrounds and experience in the music world. Some try to take the road less traveled, the road to stardom as an acclaimed musician, singer or songwriter. Most do not make it; some do. Unlike other films that have tried to provide us with a glimpse into the world of a paid musician, Hired Gun delivers far more. Director Fran Strine has gained unparalleled access into the lives and homes of these artists. Due to his credibility in the music world, Strine is able to share intimate details of the personal and professional lives of these musicians.

Hired Gun reveals the artistic choices and resulting implications of these men and women in the background. The film ultimately delivers euphoric highs, crushing lows and the hilarious anecdotes and dramatic tragedy inescapable in life. Music documentarian Fran Strine (Dolly Parton: Live in London; The Making of Staind; Battlefield of the Mind) and producer Jamie Talbot (Sunset Strip, Radio Caroline) use a masterful blend of live interviews, archival performance footage and sound recordings to deliver a thoughtful, spirited look at the Hired Gun and the stars that depend on them..

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