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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating


2008 Video Game

Liam Neeson, Malcolm McDowell, Ron Perlman, Odette Annable

Todd Howard

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In a post apocalyptic world, a man/woman leaves the protection of the vault he/she was raised in to search for his/her missing father. He/She finds a world quite different from the one he/she experienced in the vault. His/Her experiences grow him/her physically, mentally, psychologically and morally. You ARE that man/woman, every action you take changes the world around you for good or evil.

Play as a good guy/gal, an opportunist, a paragon or a villan. The choice is yours. There are multiple side quests and two or three "outlaw" radio stations, plus the "Officially recognizedZ" radio station of the "Enclave". Any actions you take are talked about on the outlaw stations, for good or for evil.

This is the world as it might have been if the US got nuked. You choose your alliance, you choose your fate, you make your future. The choice is yours. This is the worthy successor of Elder Scrolls:Oblivion (same company, at least one of the voices is the same! ) Featuring superb graphics, visceral violence, gratuitous profanity, child endangerment, plots and sub-plots and even a chance to meet "The president". You get to explore Raven Rock, the home of the "President" himself, Litttle Lamplight, a town of children ONLY, the adjoining town of BIG TOWN where the Lamplighter's go when they become adults. The town of Megaton, complete with a bomb worshiping cult (a hommage to "Beneath the planet of the Apes") The "Luxurious" highrise of Threepenney tower (No Ghouls allowed -- althought you MAY be able to change that situation! ).

You'll meet misguided hero and villaness (respectively ) "The Mechanist" and the "ANTagonizer" (She's a piece of work, trust me! ). You get to save a town from Giant Ants (A hommage to "THEM!"), if you wish! Rescue slaves, or join the slavers for profit. The choice is yours!Main plot outline: BE WARNED SPOILERS BELOW! Shortly after your 19th Birthday in the peace and luxury of Vault 101, your father vanishes and you are hunted by the Overseer's soldiers for helping him. You flee with help from your friends and enter the Capital Wasteland. You walk to the town of Megaton and speak to Colin Moriarty. From there, you learn that your father went to the Galaxy News Radio run by the enigmatic Three Dog. On arrival you fight, and hopefully kill, a Super Mutant Behemoth and proceed inside.

Either by charming him or completing a quest you learn that your father left to find a Dr. Li at Rivet City. Once there Dr. Li tells you he has gone to Vault 112. Once there, you don a Vault 112 jumpsuit and enter a Tranquility Lounger. Inside, you encounter a virtual reality called Tranquility Lane. By completing a series of gruesome tasks for the sinister Betty (Stanislaus Braun) you discover that your Dad is actually the dog, Doc in Tranquility Lane. Braun allows you to leave and your father explains the purpose of his mission.

He and Dr. Li along with a team of scientists were working on a 'Project Purity' a huge water purifier built inside the Jefferson Memorial in DC. The idea was to purify all the water in the DC basin at once, thus effectively saving the Capital Wasteland. However, after your birth, your father decided to leave the project and allow you to grow in a Vault, Vault 101, away from the dangers of the Wasteland. As a result, Project Purity has lain dormant, until now. You and your father return to Project Purity along with Li and her scientists. You help get it running again but then the mysterious Enclave arrive and attack the area. Your Dad sacrifices himself to kill the Colonel and you lead Dr.

Li to safety at the Citadel, a Brotherhood of Steel stronghold. Inside, you learn you need a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) which was located in some vaults to restore the world when they opened. However, all have been lost but one, located in Vault 87. However, this has been overrun by Super Mutants and radiation means it is impossible to enter.

You discover a passage through Little Lamplight caverns nearby and fight through Super Mutants and liberate a 'good' Super Mutant held prisoner called Fawkes. He helps you find the GECK and retrives it for you in the radiation filled corridors. Suddenly, the Enclave attacks and knock you unconscious. You awake in the Enclave stronghold of Raven Rock, help prisoner by the sinister Colonel Autumn.

After refusing to answer his questions, you are taken to the President, John Henry Eden. Once there, you discover he is in fact a computer and asks you to infect the purifier with a poison that will kill everything infected with mutation in the Wasteland (everyone you know in the Wasteland), at this point, you can convince Eden to destroy himself and the Enclave but it is not cruical. After you fight your way out aided by Eden you encounter Fawkes again. He may join you as a follower but only if you have high enough Karma. If not he wanders off. After this you must travel to the Citadel where preparations are being made to assault the Purifier. You join the Brotherhood, and join them, and Liberty Prime (a giant kick-ass robot) in an assault on the purifier.

After an epic battle against the whole Enclave you arrive at the purifier. You enter the Memorial (only if you want to END THE GAME as this is the point of no return) and fight down to the purifier with Sentinel Lyons. You either convince Colonel Autumn to stop or kill him and his bodyguards. Finally you have the ultimate decision. Save the wasteland. Or destroy it forever.

You are suddenly told by Li that the facility is about explode under the pressure and have to act now. This means you, or Lyons braving the radiation infected chamber and turning on, or polluting the purifier. If Lyons goes in, you receive at bleak ending but the wasteland is saved. If you go in, you can save or destroy the wasteland or you can simply do nothing and let the facility explode. This does not end well. Whichever ending you choose, the game ends and you receive a suitable ending. Congratulations on beating Fallout 3!.

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