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87 min


Jack Cullison, Howard Cai, Jonathan Brett, Colbert Alembert

Scott Wheeler

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When a group of five nerds record a has-been and washed-up celebrity having sex & leak it on the web, the huge publicity revives the actress's career. However, all is not well with the nerds as the manager of the actress now demands ransom for their acts. So in need for money and sex, they set out to revive the careers of as many past-their-prime actresses, B-list celebrities, reality show rejects, and celebutantes as they can. Flush with money and girls, the nerds have the time of their lives. But, a guy's girlfriend (who has been making him wait for sex for three and a half years) discovers their act and breaks up, assuming wrongly that even her boyfriend has been having sex.

After dozens of movies, they realize that they are still short on cash and the guy in love with his girlfriend must appear on live camera to make a final tape. Everything is set for the final act when the boy backs out and confesses his love to everyone on the web, including his girlfriend. In the end, all is well as the couple finally have sex..

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