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Game-Show, Reality-TV

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30 min


Ben Bailey, Alejandra, Jennifer Cody, Sarah DiMuro

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The player keeps answering questions trying not to get any wrong. If they get three incorrect answers, then the cab pulls over and they are dropped off wherever they are. They lose any money they would have won. The first four questions are worth $25 each, the next four questions are worth $50, and any question thereafter are worth $100. If a contestant has won more than $200 and the cab is forced to stop at a traffic light, the driver will start a Red Light Challenge. The driver will read a question that has multiple correct answers (usually five or more), and the passenger will then have 30 seconds to give a designated number of those answers (usually all five). Doing so is worth an additional $250 to the fare, and failure to answer the question will not count as a strike, so there is no risk. The passenger is allowed two "Shout-Outs" during the course of the trip, and each type can be used only once.

The first type is the Mobile Shout-Out, in which the contestant is allotted a phone call to a friend by means of the driver's cell phone. The player is allowed to ask their friend the question and acquire what they think is the correct answer, however, there is a 30 second time limit. The other is the Street Shout-Out. If the passenger chooses to use this one, the driver will stop at the first person he sees and will let the fare ask the person the question and what they think the correct answer is, but there is no time limit for this question. Although there is no time limit, often times the pedestrian does not know the answer. Should the passenger reach the destination, the driver offers the passenger a choice.

The passenger has the option of keeping the prize money and leaving the cab, or the choice of answering a final, more difficult, visual question that, if answered correctly, doubles the fare's winnings. However, if the passenger chooses to answer the final question and provides an incorrect answer, the game show host keeps all the money the passenger won previously. Three games are usually played per episode..

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